Get excited everyone, GET EXCITED! We are proud to announce that we are now offering custom fabricated weight plates that fit snuggly into our tactical weight vests! We have produced two convenient weight formats that align with CrossFit RX standards and are comparable to what our competitors offer but at a fraction of the cost. 2.5kg (5.5lb) - $60 per pair 4kg (8.8lb) - $85 per pair The beauty about this new format is that you can slot more than one weight plate into each vest compartment, meaning for example you could take an 8kg vest to a 16kg simply by purchasing two sets of 4kg plates. Hello versatility! We have been trialling these plates vigorously for the past week and they are the goods! We’re pumped! Fresh stock will be in shortly. Turn around time is around a week so you’re never going to have to wait long thanks to our legendary local manufacturer! If you’re keen to upgrade your current plates, flick us an email to get the ball rolling.